Hi all

I have been a bit quiet this past week and a bit, sorry about that!

The good news is that there are no bad reasons for being incommunicado, I have just been busy.

Streaming is going smoothly and has been a lot of fun, if you missed anything be sure to check out the VOD of recent streams. I was going to pick out some nights to highlight but I genuinely feel they have all been good ones lately:

Monday I started playing (well – most certainly re-playing) Aliens Vs. Predator “classic”;

Wednesday was the biggy on “Retro Night” where I got to the home computer that started it all for me, the ZX Spectrum. I mostly made the first night a look at the “Horace” series of games. Or, Whore-ass, as the chat insisted on mis-hearing. I also couldn’t start my look at the beloved Speccy without also showing off Manic Miner and The Hobbit, two of my favourites of the early era.

Thursday streaming is back with a bang as I play through XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I managed to kill multiple clones of the chat denizens through bad management! I did manage to kill many alien invaders as well though so it wasn’t all one-sided carnage.

Friday was an epic five-hour stream as I played, and got thoroughly scared-shitless by, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I was about to finish at around the normal time then I got a second wind and finished up at almost two a.m. According to viewers who know the game, I am about half-way through. I expect next Friday I will play through to the end. If you like to see a grown-man crying like a little baby then tune-in.

Last Sunday was the second episode of “Hamish’s Nerd Network” and, apart from a few technical teething troubles, it was a great time again. The big news and talking points of the week were the announcement of the 13th Doctor in Doctor Who as well as the return of Game of Thrones with the new series seven. Check out the show on my You Tube channel if you missed the live event.

Some changes are afoot as the show and my video streaming / editing skills evolve and thanks to the wonderful “Beniwtv” from the Linux Gamers Group, I am set to overhaul the set-up and make better use of the hardware and software resources I have at my disposal. I have made a video (editing lots of my rambling out of it right now) to demonstrate the current set-up, then I will make a video (and maybe a blog post) about the resources I have and the possibilities and plans and, finally, I will do a third part where I show off the snazzy new set-up. Keep an eye on my video and streaming for those things.

See you “The Interwebs”.