Almost the end of January!

Hullo, lassies and laddies.

Wow – this month has flown by fast! Normally it is a job to shut me up but I have tried to write a new blog entry three or four times since the last and found myself at a loss for something to say. This isn’t because nothing has happened – the new schedule for streaming started and it has been going well. We have missed a couple of TableTop Tuesday’s but that should be sorted out better in future and I did digital tabletop games in place so there was still a stream on those nights.

The new TTT games I mentioned in the new year blogs will definitely be starting next week (30th of January). I will be joined most of the time by one of the regular crew but I have stuff to play solo when there isn’t a spare human to join me. Speaking of joining me, you may notice that the new Monday schedule has two titles. On occasion (no regular timetable to this) I want to get a few of you involved and play some online multiplayer games. I have a voice channel in the Discord server especially for this and you can see what games I have if you want to suggest something by checking out my Steam page. So far the top thing we have chatted about is Day of Infamy so if you have that game and you want to join in – let me know. If you have a game to suggest that I don’t have then feel free to do so but I can’t promise anything and remember I am on the Linux platform.

This Sunday (28th of January) is the next episode of .XPenguin – a Linux related show (mainly about Linux gaming) hosted by the wonderful HexDSL and myself. I am now a regular co-host on the show.

Someone else I would like to direct you to on the Interwebs is the immensely talented “Greenstuff” Gav, who you often see on TableTop Tuesday, he has a website and blog devoted to models and gaming, including galleries of his excellent work. Check out Build Your Imagination.

What a surprise – I found a few things to write about after all!