Woohoo! I Got Upgraded.

I got a rather exciting E-mail this week,I have been invited to be an affiliate on Twitch. Consistently providing regular streams has paid off and now I am moving up in the Twitch world.

Now viewers can subscribe to the channel and “cheer” to make “bit” donations. I can have an emote exclusively for subscribers on my channel – I am thinking about using a grumpy Hamish face from one of my videos – arty types are welcome to help out! Other features of being an “affiliate” include technical upgrades such as priority access to transcoding (offering different quality levels to viewers on-the-fly) so if you are having trouble watching on that pub wi-fi you can switch the video quality and keep watching.

I am always working to add and upgrade the features of my channel so this is a welcome boost and a step in the right direction to making a more exciting entertainment stop for

Thanks to all my followers and viewers for making this possible and I hope you enjoy the channel in future as much as you have so far. Who knew a grumpy old fart playing video games could be so much fun for us all?