Progress and Pain

Hi, Folks!

It has been a funny week¬†or so since my last blog update. I have been ill with a cold, which has been a bugger, but I survived and only lost a couple of days to it. Some plans have been held up a little but mostly things are on track and it is “onward and upwards” for my projects:

I have officially added Tuesdays to my streaming schedule so I am now ‘casting Monday – Friday between 2100 and 2330 (UK time). I sometimes start earlier and/or finish later but those core hours are the “guaranteed” time. The best thing to do is to switch on notifications on Twitch and you will get a message when I go live.

Tuesday is set to be different from other streams I have been doing so far – although it will be the usual video games for a week or two while I get equipment organised, it will eventually be a physical desktop gaming session: “Tabletop Tuesday”. The Tuesday night show will feature card-, board- and miniatures-games and chat. Expect to see things like, Magic the Gathering, AVP, Warhammer 40K, pen and paper role-playing games and so forth. I plan to do more of these types of stream but I am not sure when, my schedule is pretty well balanced for viewing in lots of time zones. I might decided to do more prerecorded videos of this nature so people can watch “on demand” when they like. A short survey might appear in the near future to ascertain what times, content and formats people prefer.

Other changes – as I mentioned before, I am now an affiliate on Twitch so I can have subscribers and accept “bit” donations but I also want to introduce other ways for those who are so inclined to support me. Things I am looking into are direct “tips” systems, wishlists for games and studio equipment and perhaps a Patreon account.

I re-introduced the “bot”, HeatherTPB in the twitch chat (she might be added to the PolarNet Discord group as well) and she will be more than just a toy. There are lots of great features and functions in the bot that can enhance the streaming experience for me and viewers alike. More about Heather as I get her configured and more useful over time.

The fortnightly “Hamish’s Nerd Network” is going well although we now have a “lost” episode as a technical hitch meant there was no sound broadcast or recorded by OBS studio (the broadcasting software I use) for the last show. It is a very uncommon problem but I will tighten up the checks I make before going on the air to avoid any such situations in future.

Other minor disasters have occurred as well: my chair has been falling apart for a while but has gotten worse of late and my neck and back are suffering as a result. The good news is that I have a new chair ordered (it is winging its way to me as I type this). My spectacles broke just before my stream last night. This is not too bad in the medium-term, I have an appointment for an eye-test next Tuesday and I have picked out my new frames so I should be sorted out around the end of the month/start of next. The bad news is that I can’t see well enough to do a very good temporary repair on my glasses without my glasses! Last night’s stream was a mega irritating one and I don’t think I gave the game (Fez) a fair chance because of my discomfort. I had more time this morning to make a better repair and, although they are not perfect, they should last me until I get the new ones now. I will continue playing Fez tonight to make up for things somewhat.

Up until the the spectacle debacle I was having a good and productive day. I had been setting up more of the chat bot (using Quorrabot by the wonderful chap, Glorious Eggroll) and making progress amalgamating all my chat stuff into my IRC client. I also picked up a new (to me) webcam to upgrade from the crappy one I have at present, that is on the way to me as well.

So – I survived an up and down week and I am moving forward with confidence and optimism now. I hope to see you on the stream!