A Few Alterations

Hi Peeps!

Sorry I haven’t updated for a wee while, I will try to keep on top of this in future!

I am making some slight changes to the schedule, basically more of the stuff that is popular and less of the stuff that’s not gone so well.

TableTop Tuesday is gone for the foreseeable future, this is mainly for logistical reasons, I suspect with more resources (like a camera crew and better equipment :-p ) this would work but on a budget it is just not doable. I will try to make some pre-recorded, edited and produced tabletop videos though, the subject should be much more manageable in that format with the resources I have.

Themed Thursday is going to be moved to Tuesday’s where it will be exclusively shooters from now on (Tactical Tuesday – yes I did manage to keep it alliterative).

Wednesday and Thursday will now both be retro nights. The second one is “Throwback Thursday” (alliteration, of course).

Monday, Wednesday and Friday remain the same.

Cheers, ears!