Tabletop is coming!

Tabletop gaming, board games and role-playing games have been a passion of mine since I was a child and I have been keen to add them to the line-up on the streaming and video creating that I do. There is a lot of stuff needed to get it up to the pro-standard I aspire to but for now I am a few steps closer to being able to offer this new content.

New equipment acquired or on the way (new means “new to me”) includes a folding table 2’x4′ (a good size for up to 4 players at Magic: The Gathering and many small miniatures / board games), a much better webcam (although multiple cameras are needed for tabletop shows so more are on the wishlist) and a smallish LED light. On the list still are some proper lights and a backdrop to make things look as nice as possible.

There are a few people already up for playing some tabletop games so we will get started as soon as we can, it might not be possible to show physical games until I get the proper lights but I will at least do some tests in preparation.