Welcome to the Pleasuredome


There are a lot of new followers and a few new subs on Twitch so I thought I had better get my lazy arse in gear and do a blog post!

Not much has changed lately and the schedule is going just fine so I haven’t had much to say. IRL™ has been a bit shitty and my mental health was pretty bad for a while, partly due to my mother being in hospital. I feel like I am starting to come out of that dip a bit now and hopefully that is coming across online.

Next week will see the start of some new sessions on Monday and Friday. This Friday will be the last part of Alien: Isolation and I want to get away from playing a wine game on the Monday, I think I have showed off  Into the Breach quite well. I may revisit it when it is released on Linux properly but it hasn’t had the same effect on me as FTL did (1978 hours played and still going strong).

(Mindgame) Monday I will be starting through the main campaign of XCom 2. I don’t have the large expansion yet but I need to play through the main game properly first anyway so this will keep us going.

Friday (Fright Night) I haven’t quite decided yet but there are a few candidate horror games in my collection that I haven’t played on stream yet. Anyone who looks at my steam library is welcome to make a suggestion.

I keep meaning to put up pictures of my painting projects and I will try to sort that out soon. I am not that great but it is very relaxing and it beats plain grey plastic figures for games.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all soon on stream!