Poker Challenge – Update #1

Not great news. I had forgotten how “random” the smallest stakes can be, mainly due to the forced and fast nature of them and I did not make the best choice of games to allow what little poker skills I do have to be used. I came close at the end of day 5 to making a breakthrough but alas, I did not make it. Technically I am not out as I have $0.05 left but I am thinking of starting a fresh challenge.

To cheer myself up I played a tournament later last night and came 19th of 1676 players, so I know I can do it. It is just the huge challenge of getting past that initial high-variance area that offers such a high hurdle.

So, with 25 days of the month remaining, I am going to re-start the challenge and try to take a path of less-variance in the tournament speeds but slightly more costly entry fees. This will give me fewer chances to get past that first hurdle but much better ones.

So I am starting the same challenge as before (with 5 less days): $1 starting bankroll and a target of $100 or more by the end of the month.