Ground Control to Major Hamish

I haven’t done an update for a little while but the reasons for this are mostly good.

I have been kept busy with regular streaming and last weekend I even went out in real life, not just on Saturday but also on Sunday! Yes – two days in a row and all the way into the city! I have to admit that after being out in the city (Bath) until late on a Saturday night, with the revellers, police, shoppers and a lot of rowdy rugby fans – I was looking for excuses not to attend the second day of the event I was at. I made it though and I am proud that I did.

The “event” in question was a Magic: The Gathering pre-release – a chance to play cards from a new set early, at Waterstones in Bath. There were 3 events: midnight Friday and early evening until nighttime Saturday & Sunday and I attended the latter two evening ones with my friend, Chris Cooper.

I did okay in my matches, 1-2-1 on Saturday (with a rather poor card pool so I am not too disappointed about this in hindsight) and 2-2 on Sunday. All 3 Sunday matches were close, all went to a third game and I was pleased with my card pool, my deck I built and my play. Outside of my local social playgroup, 2-2 is my best record in a tournament environment.

The next time I mention Magic to you, dear reader, I will be announcing the official start of tabletop streaming on my Twitch channel. As I mentioned previously, the cameras, lights, table and backdrop are all here now. Several games are already lined up for play as well as some model-building tutorial and informational sessions, featuring experienced modeller, “Greenstuff” Gav. You can see some of Gav’s models at the “Build Your Imagination” website.

The official regular day for tabletop gaming will be the Tuesday evening slot on my Twitch schedule (“Tabletop Tuesday” – yes, I do love my alliteration) and will be starting in about two weeks time. I will make a proper announcement with some details very soon on this website.

Sorry for not updating for a while, but it has all been good and busy!