New Streaming Schedule

It’s finally here!

I have posted a new streaming schedule on my twitch page so please check it out. The stream starts from next Monday (29th May) and I am frantically trying to get all my software and equipment organised and ready to go.

The schedule is a little bit “in flux” for now as I work out where to fit in around other streamers I am friendly with as well as other activities in my life. Keep an eye on the “Scheduled Hamish” box on my twitch page and/or follow me on twitter or mastodon for updates.

Monday nights will be “Killy Splat!” (a phrase for FPS games coined by a genteel friend of mine who prefers a more sedate time in video game history). I will be playing casual games of whatever shooter I happen to fancy that night. Most likely single-player but I might go online to get frustrated and annoyed by other humans sometimes too.

Tuesday nights are retro gaming nights where I will take you on a journey to a time of large pixels, limited colours, beepy sounds and the glory of my youth. I have had a strange journey through video gaming so expect lots of titles and platforms you might not even have seen or heard of. On the other hand I have played hardly any games or consoles from Sega or Nintendo so 99% of those are totally new to me and that will be a different experience for me to play and you to watch as well.

Friday Night is Fright Night! One of my fondest memories from when I was young is spending Friday night with my mum, watching a horror double bill on BBC2. That’s not incredibly relevant but it was all I had, okay! Friday nights you can see me jump, scream and otherwise make a fool of myself as I play through some survival horror games and horror-based shooters. I have a few games that were donated by a kind viewer, just before the stream had to stop for a while for moving house then PC rebuilding. I never played these at all so you can look forward to watching me play Dead Space and Dead Space 2 for the very first time as well as many other horror-themed titles.

Other days will be added to the schedule as I go along and I might be streaming unannounced from time to time to make videos for editing and polishing (as with the very best turds) to be posted on YouTube and/or other video sites. I may also be streaming from my end as I take part in other people’s streams, make sure you follow and click that notify button so you don’t miss any unscheduled Hamish action.

Ideas planned for videos and streaming include: retro gaming challenges with other streamers; tutorials on using various software packages on GNU/Linux and, of course, the long-awaited “Hamish’s Nerd Network” – where me and several geeky mates chat about all sorts of TV, film, comics, collectables and whatever nerdy stuff tickles our fancies that episode.

I hope you will join me when you can and that I can provide some entertainment for your brains and eyes and ears to enjoy!