Tabletop Tuesday Launch

It’s finally here, folks!┬áThe much-touted and, I think (and hope), awaited new show featuring all things tabletop is landing this week.

The Tuesday night stream will feature me and other humans playing board games, card games, miniatures games and role-playing games of all sorts for your entertainment. The format will probably take some refining but my semi-regular co-host, “Greenstuff” Gav and I had a production meeting and we think we have the basics sketched out and ready to go.

The show will feature chat about the game(s) and associated subjects and then a live play through. The first Tabletop Tuesday will feature the Games Workshop game, Blood Bowl. Gav recently picked up a copy of the new edition. He will be telling us a bit about the history of this popular GW game and then teaching me how to play and then, probably, beating me at it.

I hope you will all enjoy the new show and I look forward to your feedback.