All Systems are Go

I finally launched my streaming channel properly this week and it all went fairly well, I think.

Monday night was “shooter” night and I played through an old favourite: Duke Nukem 3D. I got about half way through the four-part main campaign and manged to make enough of an idiot of myself along the way to cause some merriment and entertainment.

Tuesday night is “retro” night where I played some 1980s arcade classics: Altered Beast; Galaga; Pacmania and Donkey Kong. I am sticking to my excuse that I am getting used to my new gaming device – a steam controller. Yes, that means I did not perform well. People seemed entertained and were bragging about how they were better than me at some of the games. I’ll come back to that. The highlight of the session for me was finally getting through the first level of Donkey Kong. I did manage to complete Altered Beast but I used an awful lot of virtual 10p pieces doing it!

Going back to that “I’m better than you” stuff from the viewers – one of the things I want to do with my streaming and videos is interact as much as I can with the viewership, I announced some of these plans on streams and the “challenge Hamish” idea didn’t illicit any response that I noticed. Either they were running scared (not likely as you would see by watching the VOD from the streams) or they missed me mentioning it or whatever. Now that it is a new month I need to arrange this particular feature ASAP as I planned to make it a monthly challenge. If you fancy joining in with a view to beating me or just for fun then keep an eye on this website for more details, I shall post an article about it here soon.

The next stream will be “Friday Night, Fright Night” (9 p.m. UK time) where I play a horror based game and probably shriek like a child. This week I play, for the first time ever, Dead Space. Dead Space (and Dead Space 2) were kindly donated by Chris C. for me to stream, I hope he will be watching! I have run the game just to set it up and make sure all works well before I stream and the menu screen has freaked me out already! It may be worth mentioning at this point that I only use GNU/Linux (specifically Arch) for everything and that Dead Space is not available on this platform so I am using Wine to make it run. I also use the amazing Lutris (open gaming platform) to install and manage all my games. This is still in early development but between the developers and the community it is coming along very nicely. I hope to contribute to this by helping to get many of the retro emulators working well.

There will be more stuff added to the schedule as I get myself organised but I didn’t want to overload myself to start with and I think this is working out okay so far. I have video projects to pick up as well so I will probably get some of that going before I add more live streams to the schedule.

I am really enjoying myself for the first time in a very long time, largely due to moving to a more secure and peaceful environment. The support of friends has also helped immensely and I would like to personally thank the following people for their help and support (in no special order, apart from the first one):

My Mum and her partner, Alan

Chris L., Leah, John & Aron – the nerd brain-trust

Ben and Chris C. for Magic the Gathering and other shenanigans

Stew, Chris L. & Rhys and Aron for great radio shows

Gav for massive support, especially when I was moving home

My friends at the Linux Gamer’s Group – especially HexDSL

You all help to keep me going and I am eternally grateful.

Okay – enough of the soppy stuff – I hope everyone can join me on Friday “Fright” Night.