Tabletop & Hallowe’en

Well we made it through our first Tabletop Tuesday, thank you for watching and for all the feedback.

This coming Tuesday the game is Farlight, a card-based spaceship building game that was supported on Kick Starter by one of the gang, Chris Cooper. Chris, Gav and myself will be playing a few games and showing you this fun strategy game this week.

Some suggestions were made, the most requested thing was an overhead camera – this is something I want to do but there are some technical and logistic reasons why this is not in place yet. The main thing I would like to improve is the sound quality but that means buying different microphones (clip-on ones with wireless transmitters) and this means money. I am keen to get them but since I don’t really need them for any other purpose at the moment I will see how Tabletop streams go for a while before I make this additional investment.

In two weeks time there will be no Tabletop Tuesday as I intend to do a Hallowe’en special of the video gaming stream. I would love to hear your suggestions for games for that night, spooky fun is the goal! I will compile all the suggestions and make a decision what to play nearer the time. You can get in touch with me in all the usual ways. Please get your suggestions in sooner, rather than later in case I need to buy a game.

Thanks again for keeping watching and taking part in all my shenanigans, I very much appreciate you all.