Hamish needs you!

It has been a week of a very tired Hamish, mainly from watching the election results here in the UK and not catching up on enough sleep afterwards. This means that some of my plans for the great media project that is online-Hamishness have stalled somewhat.

I did get the channel bot installed and it is running very well but I have not yet set-up a lot of the features that it was intended for. I also haven’t created any sort of documentation for its use and this has led to abuse and spamming, this will be remedied soon and the more useful features should come to the fore.

The first “Lazy Sunday” stream was a disastrous shambles due to technical issues with audio and the game I tried to play. The audio issues are resolved now and Monday’s stream went ahead without any problems, other than the one of me being awful at games in my old age. I will be more prepared next week and choose a different relaxing game to play so please do check it out again.

Today is the first day of the “wildcard” Thursday stream and due to being busier than usual most days this week I haven’t yet decided what game to play tonight. As I mentioned previously, I want to make Thursday’s stream a more interactive one than most, either through playing games with Twitch integration so that the chat can directly affect the game-play or by involving viewers by playing multi-player games that they can take part in themselves. This is not a hard and fast rule but I would like it to be the usual pattern for the Thursday stream, with that in mind I am open to suggestions for tonight’s (and/or future) “wildcard” stream(s). The main criteria are:

The game must have a client for Linux (the OS I use) and preferably be cross-platform if multi-player.
I have to already own the game (or have time to get it for future streams). [hamishtpb onĀ Steam]*
Single player games should have Twitch integration or be viewer interactive in some way.

There are loads of free-to-play multiplayer titles around so I can’t imagine there will be any difficulty in getting some to play, if you have a favourite then feel free to suggest it to me (in the comments here is preferable) and maybe we will be playing it together soon.

*My steam profile is not an exhaustive list of my games but it is a large percentage of them, ideally I would link my Lutris library but this is not publicly visible yet.