Hamish’s Nerd Network

Now that the game streaming is settling down it is time for another project to be activated and this one has me very excited.

Hamish’s Nerd Network has been brewing for a long time now and was originally going to be a pre-recorded video series but has evolved to be a periodical live-streamed show. I discovered that I work better with a live format (and many of my co-hosts are familiar with this from radio shows) and that finding time to edit and post-produce was more difficult than I thought. After a false start/learning period I pinched the idea of doing the show this way from HexDSL who does a fortnightly show about GNU/Linux news and gaming stuff. It’s very good, you should watch it and his other great stuff. I hear they are getting a super sexy, Scottish co-host on a show in the near future!

The basic idea of the show is that me and a group of nerdy mates get together to talk about shows, films, comics, books, collectables and crafting related to all things nerdy. The group is loosely composed of myself, Leah Smith, Aron Smith (no relation), John Hole and Chris Loveder but we are open to other contributors and there are one or two in the pipeline. The first show is scheduled for the Sunday following the last episode of the current series of Doctor Who (so you can guess what at least one topic will be) and will be approximately 90 minutes of live chat, debate and probably argument. Exact times to be announced but I am aiming for around the middle of the day, between 1100 and 1400 UK time. We are in the process of planning out the first proper show and I will post exact details in the near future.

I love working with these people and this project seems to have enthusiasm from all quarters so I hope you will watch and enjoy!