Upcoming Attractions

Hullo Lassies and Laddies

Here is a preview of some of what is coming your way in the new year:

  • Star Wars 1st and 3rd person games play through – including the Jedi Knight and KotOR games.
  • Multiplayer sessions, viewers can join in with some silly games and some more serious games.
  • TableTop Tuesday will be back with games such as AvP: The Hunt Begins, Star Wars: Imperial Assault and Warhammer Quest games.
  • More (non-Twitch) videos on You Tube including “Old Fart versus Young Person” and TableTop Tutorials.
  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – despite being a huge Tolkien fan and wanting this game from the start I never got around to playing it – time to change that.

As I mentioned previously we will be starting a new schedule on the 8th of January, all from 2100 – 2300+ UK time:

Mondays – Mindgame Monday (Long form games for some brain exercise) / Multiplayer Mayhem (Multiplayer games where viewers can join in)

Tuesdays – TableTop Tuesday (Physical games with guest players)

Wednesdays – Wayback Wednesday (Retro arcade, home computer and console games)

Thursdays – Themed Thursday (Games from a series played back to back over several Thursdays)

Fridays – Friday Fright Night (Horror games with the lights out!)

I hope you can all join me in a new year of streaming.