Episode One of HNN and Scaling Back (but not really)

I have changed the official schedule back to just 3 days a week, Monday (shooter night), Wednesday (retro night) and Friday (horror night).

I was putting too much pressure on myself with 5 set days and also they were not as popular anyway. I am not saying I won’t be streaming more than the three days but I won’t announce a fixed schedule until I am sure I can stick to it. Cutting back the schedule should mean a better quality for the remaining streams as I have more time to organise, plan and prepare.

Having said that – Thursday night is now very likely to be a poker streaming night, I will add it to the schedule if it becomes regular, for now it’s a “bonus” if it happens.

I won’t say more at the moment but you might see me streaming at other times and on other days than what is scheduled while I work out what is comfortable for me and what is wanted by the audience.

I also uploaded episode one of “Hamish’s Nerd Network” to my YouTube channel, check out me and some nerdy mates talking nerdy about nerdy stuff! Episode one features: Doctor Who; Game of Thrones; Riverdale and Twin Peaks.

I want to keep busy and produce lots of content but I need to be organised and feel that I am in control or my mental health takes a hit. I will keep trying stuff and hopefully over a few months we will work out between us what works and what doesn’t and get a comfortable workflow and release schedule.

Thanks for watching!