Thinking Thursdays

Hello Lassies and Laddies!

I have decided what to do with Thursdays at last! Thinking Thursday – where Hamish will stream tactical and strategy games. Starting tomorrow (20th July 2017) with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, brought to GNU/Linux by the fine people at Feral Interactive. This is the 2012 remake of the 1990’s classic. I never played XCOM or any of the many expansions or spin-offs at the time and this upset Chris C. so much that he gifted me the whole series, originals and the new ones. I have played a bit but not completed any of the games so this will be my “serious” attempt for the stream, as serious as I get anyway.

I have finally got around to ordering a few bits of gear to help improve the stream for us all. I have new microphone shock mounts and new microphone desk-clamping arms on the way. A lot less noise from me hitting the mic stand and hopefully more comfortable positioning of the mic. I also ordered a new (to me) Logitech C920 webcam at last! The dodgy, laggy webcam will be relegated to a secondary role (Zeus-camâ„¢ perhaps) and you will see me in glorious hi-def with a steady frame-rate. Be excited. Next on the list is a green screen (for Zeus to knock over) and better lighting. That will be at least a few weeks away though.

I am also in the process of organising the next episode of Hamish’s Nerd Network with the team and that will be live this coming Sunday evening. All busy and exciting and fun and stuff.

So – join me tomorrow for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and keep an eye out for new mic arrangements and improved Hamish-camâ„¢ in the next few days.