Helping Hamish

If you are so inclined, there are several ways you can support my online activities and help me to keep improving and making content. All the main content (videos and streams) will continue to be free, so there is no obligation to support but I want to offer the best content I can make and present the content as professionally as possible so some of these may include additional rewards beyond the main content.

First and foremost – the best way you can support me is by consuming my content and taking part in chat and discussion. I want people to enjoy what I do and to let me know what they like and what they maybe don’t like so much. Your feedback will help me to plan for future content and shape things to suit the people who are watching. There may come a day when I narrow down and focus on a specific area of content but for now, at least, I have lots of ideas and I want to try them out to see what works. So please, “Follow” me on Twitch and feel free to let me know what you like and what you would like to see.


Content Related: If you are artistic in some way and you would like to help out then I am always grateful for assistance of this kind. I am totally useless with graphics so anything that is made for me (logos, emotes, overlays, title screens etc.) will be better than what I can come up with! Just get in touchI might have a wishlist for this soon to offer ideas for what could be needed.


Steam Wishlist: Games I have marked as wanted on Steam. You are welcome to donate any game you want but non-Linux/SteamOS games may not be usable. There may be some free-to-play games on the list, I just use the list to remind me of them.


Amazon Wishlist: Items for the studio or streaming / recording. From some silly little things just for fun to serious equipment. If you like to know exactly where your donation is going then you are welcome to use this method of support.


Twitch Subscription: To subscribe you can click the button at the top of my twitch channel and donate a monthly amount. At present the reward for subscribing is access to the exclusive “Zeus” emote as shown  here. I will introduce more rewards for repeat subscribers in future.



Twitch Cheering: You can buy “bits” from Twitch and use them to “cheer” your favourite streamers.



Direct Donations: You can use PayPal to donate directly to me via TipeeeStream.


Merchandise: Coming Soon


Patreon: Coming soon