Heather The PolarBear is the bot who resides in the twitch chat channel. She might be added to other places later, like discord, but for now she is twitch chat only.

Heather has many functions including automatic moderation, keeping track of statistics and several fun games and features. Commands start with an exclamation mark (!) to show Heather you are talking to her.

Access to Heather is limited by your user level / ranking – to find this type !rank in the chat and Heather will tell you your level, if you have the appropriate rank (or higher) you will be able to use the command.


  1. Caster (HamishTPB)
  2. Administrator (Super powerful people)
  3. Moderator (Trusted assistants)
  4. Subscriber (People who have subscribed to the channel)
  5. Donator (People who have made a donation to the channel)
  6. Hoster (Other streamers who host the channel when they are not streaming)
  7. Regular (8 Hours or more stream viewing time)
  8. Viewer (Everyone starts at this rank)

Command List

Viewer and above can use these commands:

  • !points or !balance – shows how much of the in-channel currency (PolarBear Pennies) you have. You earn currency for time spent viewing the stream. You can spend the currency to use certain commands, enter competitions and other uses in the future
  • !rank or !group – shows your current rank in the channel
  • !vote <number> – casts your vote in the current poll
  • !top10 – shows the top 10 earners of PB-Pennies
  • !top10time – shows the top 10 viewers by time spent watching
  • !8ball – ask the Magic 8Ball for advice
  • !timezone – shows the timezone of HamishTPB

Regular and above commands:

  • !slot – spends 1 PB-Penny to play a slot machine, you might win more, or not.

Only Moderators and above may use these commands:

  • !poll